Sales Packaging Engineer

Sales Packaging Engineer

Ckdpack Packaging Inc.

Lavonia, GA, USA

Entry Level: 1-3 years experience (recent graduates can apply)

Based in Southeastern USA, remote position with an office/manufacturing facility in Lavonia, GA

Are you a talented and creative individual that’s a natural solutions provider. Believes in zero waste reusable packaging. One who enjoys working on several projects at once. With an international team. Primarily, though not limited to, the Automotive Industry. Then you maybe the Sales Engineer for us.

This is a remote position. Requiring frequent travel to meet the customers in their facilities. However, we have an office / manufacturing facilities in Lavonia, GA, one of our 8 global locations.

There will be a significant amount of flexibility and freedom in the role, along with substantial growth potential, so someone looking to use that freedom to advance their career significantly will be an ideal candidate. The ability to align with the company’s strategy, make long-term decisions, plan methodically, ask informed questions, and understand the details of the market/product/technology/applications will be highly valued.

A skilled, competent professional with excellent fundamentals will be preferred.  Of course, a solid packaging engineer education. As the successful candidate will quickly become a cornerstone of the sales organization as we continue the rapid expansion of the Ckdpack Packaging business within the US.


  • Meeting People: The successful candidate will foster relationships with existing, new, and prospective clients. You will have a wide variety of customer interactions, including sales calls, further inquiry meetings, partnership discussions, and account management across the US.
  • Technical Advisory: Develop new accounts and enhance relationships with current customers by becoming their trusted technical advisor. Demonstrate strong technical understanding in the reusable packaging space to build trust in our advice and analysis.
  • Analysis & Strategy: Working directly with the International Manager of Sales, you will be driving and developing market roll-out plans, competitive reconnaissance, strategic positioning, market analysis, and overall sales/marketing plans for the company.
  • Project Input: The company is working on an extensive and complex custom project roadmap. The successful candidate will contribute to critical discussions, decisions, and prioritizations of projects and technologies to maximize the overall impact of the company’s resources.
  • Networking: The successful candidate will attend various shows, summits, conferences, and workshops across North America. Travel and flexibility within the US will be a big part of the role.
  • Marketing Material Input: Depending on the skills and experience of the successful candidate, they will contribute to critical marketing materials, including customer case studies, conference papers, presentations, and other essential materials related to the projects/market.
  • Everything & Anything: There will be a wide assortment of standard and not-so-standard tasks that you may be expected to complete inside and outside the typical sales umbrella. There’s an entrepreneurial side to the role so that no task will be either above or beneath you or anyone else in the company.
  • What It Is: We are looking for individuals who are laser-focused on what they do best, delivering a top-tier customer experience with cutting-edge reusable packaging while driving up top-line sales.



  • Experience: 1-3 years experience packaging engineering. With 1 year B-B Sales experience. Recent graduates are welcomed to apply.
  • Travel: very mobile; up to 20% in remote office.
  • Education: Packaging Engineering Degree

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Industry Knowledge and Experience: Bonus points for having experience in the Automotive Industry.
  • Hard Working Self Starter: The successful candidate will be highly driven, and career focused. There is a large amount of flexibility and freedom in the role, so a proactive self-starter finding areas to add value for the company is an absolute must. Ultimately your success and development within Ckdpack Packaging will be entirely in-line with your aptitude and work ethic.
  • Strategic & Professional: The successful candidate can align their priorities and daily tasks with the company goals and overall strategy. The product line is customized, presented and sold to professional engineers, and you’ll be representing the company’s brand, values, and integrity. Smart, thoughtful, methodical, and calculated decision-making is critical for top performance in the role.
  • Communication Skills: The ability to speak, write, and communicate professionally and effectively with different audiences would help any candidate excel in the role. You will be the face of the Ckdpack global brand, and clear, concise communication will be critical for internal and external stakeholders.
  • General Competence: At Ckdpack, there is a very high bar for general all-around competence and the ability to get things done quickly, thoroughly, and effectively without compromising quality. If you enjoy working with intelligent, talented, motivated people and making significant contributions to a winning team, then Ckdpack is likely an excellent place for you.

About Ckdpack:

Ckdpack Packaging Inc. is a reusable packaging solutions provider company since 2004. We are in 13 countries with 8 production facilities. Providing end-to-end solutions in the returnable packaging platform.

Why Choose Ckdpack:

Top reasons you’ll like working at Ckdpack:

  • ‘A’ Players: Our team is made up of talented, intelligent, and hardworking people. If you’re an ‘A’ player, you’ll enjoy the intellectually stimulating, challenging and respectfully competitive atmosphere.
  • Growing Quickly: We are launching several new product lines within the B-B and B-C platforms.
  • Lots of Opportunities: Operating in 10 different industries.
  • Multicultural environment: We embrace everyone with respect.

Salary: based on experience and knowledge of the reusable packaging industry.

Commission / Bonus: To be discussed after 3-month review

Benefits: TBD

Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Lavonia-GA-USA

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