you own the parts
we own the packaging
complete return logistics

you own the parts
we own the packaging
complete return logistics

Shipping To & From Anywhere


Air Freight

When it comes to global logistics,air freight is one of the most effective and efficient solutions. We offer the most dependable and cost-effective air freight services.



We provide excellent transportation service across the country with owned and hired vehicles and takecare of all the responsibilities till safe delivery of goods.


Sea Freight

We go beyond pricing and destination, carefully listening to your needs and optimising each cargo based on routes, connection, travel time, scheduling, and space protection.



Custom's Brokerage

Expertise in customs brokerage is critical to ensuring that your goods pass through customs smoothly and on time.




Our approach to warehousing and distribution focuses on improving the overall performance of our clients' businesses.



Door to Door Delivery

We have devised an unrivalled solution that provides consignees with a door-to-door delivery service to help our companies compete in a worldwide market

Who we are


We take pride in delivering peace of mind to you. We are not satisfied until you are satisfied, and we will go to great lengths to ensure the protection of your goods. Our focus is to ensure that your goods are packed to perfection-whether it be in a container, rack, or bin-using our reusable systems. Whether it be a one-way trip or a returnable program. Our engineers, packers, logistics, and brokers know how to secure, protect, and ship your cargo. Packologics, always at your service 100% of the time.

Our unique approach to shipping starts at the very beginning. By involving our Team in the early development of your project, we can help integrate logistical considerations into your timeline and budget. We can show you how different options in transportation modes, routes, packaging, and documentation can impact the success of your program. By getting a grasp of these issues from the beginning, we will save you time and money.


Our vision is to provide smart, high-quality, and cost-effective Logistics Solutions to our customers. Through our vision we would like to create an opportunity for a lasting business relationship with you. Our primary objective is to offer you, our valued customer, a cost-effective ultimate solution for all your Packaging, Logistics, and Shipping requirements and strengthen the trust and confidence placed in us.

Our Vision


We strongly believe that relationships are the key to success. Our dedicated Team will build that relationship through quality service that will continue to add value to your business year over year. Our business philosophy is to serve our customers with integrity, reliability and dignity and treat them as just not customers but as business partners, offering them win-win solutions.


Packologic is a team of highly experienced packaging, logistics, and shipping professionals with over a century of collective experience. We are determined to pursue relentless commitment to quality service. We are fully trained in handling all your inquiries in a professional manner so that we can offer you one stop solutions for all your logistics needs.

Where We Operate

Packing and Shipping anywhere and everywhere with Zero Waste Reusable Solutions.

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